TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

That's Life!

Ever felt like your life was a movie? Or wanted to be? Been listening to a group called Two Steps From Hell. Got intrigued by this video:

Apparently Russians have a dash cam as standard equipment *grins*. With good reason. Jeebus! But let’s not get too far off the topic at hand here. I think the video is great BTW.

Intrigued by the soundtrack so I went looking. A lot of stuff they’ve done sounds uhm… familiar. Movies and video games and such I expect.

So if you want your life to have an EPIC soundtrack… Check them out.


Rolling Along…

Someone called me a ‘cheater’ yesterday because my bike has an electric motor on it. I said, “So what? At least I’m getting on a bicycle. Which is better than I was doing before! By the way, when is the last time you exercised anything except your elbow? Or even rode a bicycle?”

He laughed and said, “Good point. Very good point.”

Yeah! Point for T’s. Random bar patrons: 0

I ordered a rear view mirror and a saddlebag big enough for a grocery bag. I want to see how it fits before I order another for the opposite side. The motor mount may get in the way.

The way I see it, I’m only going to ride more. And as I’ve said before, this ain’t a bike for sidewalks. Gotta be safe.

I’m pretty careful where I park it too. Had a lot of people want to talk about it. “Is that a motor hanging off the rear wheel?”


Not too much planned for today, heh heh.
Tags: 42, bicycle, health, music
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