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What Kind of World Is It We Live In?

What kind of goddam beer joint runs out of Heineken?

Too many yuppie types heading into my local watering hole. *grins* Only one of the regulars I know drinks it. Besides me…

I like the Dutch stuff. Because I generally like the Dutch. More than I like Belgians. Do the French even make a beer? I don’t think so.

Had to resort to Rolling Rock on Wednesday on my pitstop. *laughs* I like it too, just not as much. I don’t think they still brew it in the glass vats in Latrobe, PA though. When I first started drinking it, they did. I was kind of disappointed the last time I took the trouble to read the fine print on the bottle. Don’t remember which big brewing house it was, but I do remember being disappointed.

Annnnnnnnnnd I need to stay the Hell away from Saint Arnold’s. Schtuff apparently has extra calories, dang it. Too bad it’s so tasty. This could be the actual issue.

Huh. Ya think?!?

Tags: 42, beer, first world problems, tic
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