TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Cold Front - Can You Feel It?

The wind picked up, got a little thunder and a little lightning, a bit of a bit of rain, But the temp dropped from about 86F to 74F when it bottomed out here. Took a little over an hour. To drop 12 degrees. While that’s all very nice and all, the mercury is already starting to creep back up. And humidity is just off the charts.

All I had planned for today was to stay around here and do some things. Which I have been. Might go for a bike ride if it dries up a bit. No fenders so I’d have water, dirt and mud slung up front AND back. I can wait.

That is the other thing I need to look into. Fenders, dang it!

Nice quiet weekend here. Talked briefly to my sister in North Florida, Just to make sure they didn’t get blown away or flooded. She said they got wet, but that was about it. Matter of fact, they were at the beach! She is supposed to call me back later.

Florida does have some of the nicest beaches in the country. The one thing I miss about not living there.

Back to work!
Tags: 42, weather
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