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A Quiet Sunday So Far

Finished my laundry. Pshaw - Got one load left. It’s pants. Since I’m wearing nothing but shorts right now, I ain’t really worried if those don’t get done till September. *laughs* Won’t wait though.

Changed the sheets on the bed. Crap! There’s load number 2. Evil never rests, it seems.

Opened the curtains and tweaked the blinds a bit in the bedroom to let some light in. Quite bright in there when you do that. My curtains really do block quite a good deal of light. Of course now I can see that I really need to dust. *grins*

Ah well, onward and upward. I may see if I can get into some mischief later on. Dunno. Not doing anything until after dinner.
Tags: 42, apartment life, my excitiing life
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