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Too Late; Didn’t Go

Stayed in tonight. Probably the right decision. Stayed on target diet-wise. Might have blown it had I gone out. WOULD have blown it, I mean.

Tomorrow is another day. I’d like to take some photos tomorrow whilst out getting a little cooked. I’ll take the pocket camera that is not a smartphone. And the smartphone.

That’s the intent any way. Lately… Intent hasn’t counted for much around here.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

There looks to be something ailing one of the pools. Looking a little sickly from up here on the 5th floor. Almost dingy looking. Not clear blue like the other one. A bit green. They’ve changed the pool maintenance guy in the last few weeks. Not sure this fella knows what he is doing. Or maybe his heart ain’t in it. I’m really kinda surprised they (management here) haven’t farmed that service out. This isn’t the only property they manage so they could probably contract it all out and save some money.

I won’t be dipping a toe in that until it looks healthier.
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