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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Been watching Seinfeld’s latest foray. Got a web show on crackle called, ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

It is pretty much self explanatory. His last one posted, is a conversation with Sarah Silverman. I don’t really like whatever her style of comedy is, but she comes across as pretty down to earth in this clip.

The premise is Jerry has asked these folks to coffee and he goes and picks them up in various vehicles. Silverman gets picked up in a legendary ’69 Jaguar XKE convertible. These showlets, are just under 20 minutes long at the longest and under 8 minutes for the shortest one.

He even does one with ‘Super Dave Osborne’. Priceless. I never was a huge Seinfeld (the show) fan. But you put him in something like this he comes across pretty good.

Seinfeld and friends. Whodathunkit?


On the Space Bag Project

Looks like I had 2 bag failures out of 9. I resealed them and vacuumed the air out of the bags again. I’ll wait and see.

Been reading a lot today. The paper, Nat Geo, and this really dry, DRY book on Texas History, I’ve been trying to slog through at night. But the thing keeps putting me to sleep. Or maybe I should read it at other times instead of when I’ve gone to bed. Lately I get through 2 to 4 pages and the thing ends up on my face. I want to read this book and, so far any way it seems to have it’s facts straight. But not at night. Some books are like that.
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