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Got 2 sets of these really nice Brazillian agate coasters. They come four to a set from woot.com. They can be used as coasters. Or underneath candles. They seem (to me) to be far too fine for that kind of duty. A couple of these are really beautiful.

They are slabs of rock cut thin. Thin enough that most are at least translucent. 1 or 2 you can cleanly see through the other side. Going to take some pictures of them, but I haven’t quite figured out how to best light them for effect. I think they really need a backlight of some sort.

Took up my photography class where I left off a month or two or three ago. Go udemy.com! This is the beginning photography class I took mostly just as a refresher. Got the same guy’s advanced class as well as a couple others that he recommended and I thought was interesting. This is the first step. I’ve all but finished this one. Got one section left (on using flashes!) and then a review.

And I should be ready for something else.

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