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Thoughts and Shit

Coffee, oh coffee how I love thee.

Went for 2 weeks without. I just ran out and decided to see how the other half lives. After 2 weeks? Fuck this! Bought coffee yesterday. Been drinking Earl Grey and Green tea. Like them both, but they ain’t coffee.

Coffee. You complete me.


You’re Well(ness)

Had the second half of my wellness check yesterday. Doctor says I am doing good with the changes I’ve made. Impressed by my 24 pound LOSS (Yay!). I had 2 areas that were not so good. One was my hearing. 45 percent loss in the right ear. But I already knew this. The other was my lung function. We discussed that and what I can expect.

“Tom, you’ll never be baseline on that. But as you get in better shape, it will get better.”

Overall it was a good thing.


I Think, Therefore I Am.

Still doing the lumosity.com brain training. I seem to be making progress. Most of the exercises are fun. There are one or two I ain’t thrilled with. Likely because I am SHIT! at them. *grins*

All in all good.


It’s Flippin’ ‘Ot!

Was out in the car yesterday. AC is of course, dead. It is kind of miserable. I think it is about time to look into different transport. Compressors in this car last about a year now. Been my experience over the last 3 or 4 years. That’s a thousand dollar pop. Every freakin’ 12 months. This indicates (to me) there is a defect in there somewhere. Plus I ain’t too sure I can get the old gal to pass inspection. I’ll need to look into this.


Are There Sharks In There?

Haven’t been in the pool at all this year yet. Dunno why really. Might have summat to do with my moobs. *laughs* I don’t like to show off.


Enjoy it While You Can!

The eBike continues to be a joy. Girl at My Fit Foods yesterday, “Hey, you didn’t ride your bike?!”

“Naw, had a doctor’s appointment and errands to run. Thought I’d kill ‘em all with one stroke…“

Plus it was like 95F. Car with no AC = Tom being a sweatball as it is. Had to take a shower once I got home.


The Skies Are Falling!

I’ve missed the first three episodes of ‘Falling Skies’?!? Where has my head been? Don’t answer that!

Shortly to be remedied.


Small, But Good…

Bought a refurbed current gen Nano. The reason. The real reason? It has FM radio. And I don’t need 3G or WiFi for it. It’s light as air almost.

Hard Driven…

I am going to have storage issues pretty quickly on the external drive that I use for entertainment. Got a 2 TB drive I was going to use for backups, But it looks like I’m going to have to come up with a better NEW plan. Poop!

Going to check for duplicates and such. Then I need to get that drive out and test it. How much is ever going to be enough? That’s a 500GB drive!


Nice quiet night at home last night. Spent it reading mostly. Went to bed early. Woke early. Natch! Went back to sleep for an hour or two. Nice. Unusual, but nice.

Finally making progress on my Texas History book.
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