TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Long Night

Got in this morning right before 0415. Jeebus, what a night. In a good way, mostly. Made some new friends and renewed some old friends yesterday. Apparently some people missed me…

Had a nice steak and tater dinner and washed it down with big mugs of Fireman’s 4 beer. Good stuff. A blonde ale from a Texas microbrewery, Real Ale Brewing. None of this stuff is on my diet, either. I just decided I had no fucks to give, and was just gonna pig out.

Well I succeeded at that. *laughs* Found some late night mischief to get into too. Had a nice night out swilling beer and stuff.

Was going to try and tough it out as far as going to bed. But right after I ate breakfast, I found my head laying on my desk. Sleeping. So I gave in and went to bed. Up by 1000 or so. I actually woke up earlier than that I just refused to move. Or open my eyes.

Ordered some things from *sigh* BMW for TheRedOne . A boot box. Just a big soft sided box that fits in the boot space behind the back seat. And some custom sun shades for the back windows. So frickin’ hot today. Probably going to need some for the moonroof too. The top of this car is mostly glass.

When I got home this morning (around 400 AM) I parked on the top floor of the garage. Think the mercury was sitting at about 97F when I finally made it out the door in the afternoon to run some errands. Just about 140F in the car. I opened all the doors and windows for a few minutes. I was fiddle farting around with some stuff in the back any way.

I won’t park up here again unless I have to, until about October. It’s just that hot. Supposed to be over 100F tomorrow and I seem to have read something about the NWS issuing an ozone warning for the area.

Looks like it could be a fairly brutal July. Hope I’m wrong.

Not much else planned for this weekend, maybe finish the laundry. A dip in the pool. Take a long drive somewhere in the country. Don’t know. Might be too hell-ish out. Get back up on the diet horse.

Going to be a (relatively) early night for me. Heh. It is 1100 here.

And I’ve had enough (too much really) fun over the last few days…

And I’m tired.
Tags: 42, apartment life, diet, health, mini
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