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It is almost disheartening how quickly I can revert back to being up all night. Partying all night. Acting a fool. It’s…


But it is a game best left to the well rested. The younger and well rested. This old boy needs a break. Got in this afternoon around noon or one-ish. I had breakfast with The Offspring and then rolled on home. Interesting night. And Morning.

The puppet show was cool. Strange but well done. Took forever to find a parking place around there because of PRIDE events going on around Rudz. But I did. Watched the shadow puppet thing on two or three screens. That was a pretty cool move. After that I wasn’t quite ready to go home, so I stopped on by my favorite beer joint. Met up with some folks who were prone to the same kind of mischief as me.

So we made some. And then some. Finally left friend Jimbro’s place at around 9 or 10. This morning. Texted to see if The Offspring was awake and interested in getting some food. *she was* So we did. At Lola. Dropped her back at her place and here I am. Not going anywhere tonight I think. Except to bed. Early. That’s right, I’ve not been to bed yet.

Ordered chinese delivery today. Got soup *gone*, shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce *snarfed*. And an appeteaser plate. Which I haven’t touched yet. *Soon, my little pretties. Soon… *

I haven't ordered chinese in for a couple of months now. With my ‘being good’ and all that.

So I’ve had my stressed out week of fun now. Time to get back on the diet bus.

I didn’t gain any weight this week. *That’s somethin’* But I didn’t lose any either. *That’s disapointin’* Considering the crap I ate and drank this last week while I was sweating about the car, *the old one, not the-new-to-me one* I am a little surprised by that!

Back at it, kids!
Tags: 42, diet, health, my excitiing life
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