TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Holy Smokes

It looks to be a perfect 79F out on the patio this morning. So much so, in fact, I’ve opened the doors to air the place out a bit. Or was, when I started on this entry. Temps have already boosted into the mid- to upper 80’s

Supposed to hit merely 93 today. Hah. I want to find something to do today. Something creative. That does not involve imbibing any alcoholic beverages.

At least for starters. *grins*

Camera bag - check
Water bottle - check
Cash - check
Hat - check
Phone - check
Sunglasses - check
CAMERA - check
Energy bars - check

TexasT’s outta here! - check - Check - and CHECK!!

Later, kids!
Tags: 42, weather
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