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Oh Hell

I have felt like shit the last few days. And didn’t even realize it until after I got in last night. Too much of everything the last few days. The snapper I had for lunch/dinner yesterday was just the icing on the cake.Too much and too rich. I guess I do not eat like this any more.

Back on the plan for now.



Nice ride out yesterday. Just makes me want to do more of it. *grins*

The Mini is fast and fun. Actually put the radar detector out on the way back. Lots of cops all through those little towns and stuff between here and there. Speed Traps!

Corners well. Sits fairly evenly, even when taking corners just a little too fast.

Read some complaints about the loudness of the engine and also folks taking issues with the ride of the MINI. Well Hell! Don’t you pay attention to adverts? Hellllllllo!! It is a Sports car. Jeebus. It is supposed to sound like that. The loud is part of the ‘experience’.

The suspension is sports tuned. It would feel a bit stiffer than some luxury sedan. So don’t press the ‘Sport’ button on the console. Stiffer suspension and better engine response? Who the fuck would want that?

The 1st question I am asked about TheRedOne is, “Is it fun to drive?” or “Is it fast?” The next question is invariabley, “Can I drive it?”

“Yes! Yeah it is! And nope!”


Kinda feel the same way about my eBike too.
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