TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Don't Go There...

Didn’t really get a lot done today. Kinda fried from yesterday and last week’s stuff in general. So attempting to recover from that escapism. I did some stuff. What needed. Etc. Rent. Electric. You know. Made sure to eat right. Picked up the mail. Dishes.

A good day all in all.


Literary Messes

I picked up a link from somewhere (Slate.com?) to a book called, ‘The School of Venus, or the ladies delight.’ Written in the 1600’s and it is quite the manual of (for?) raunchiness.

It has all those weird spellings because of printing practices of the time.

So ‘difcourfe’ and ‘Perfon’ and ‘Poftures’ have over time become ‘discourse’ and ‘person’ and ‘postures’. But I HAVE to read them as if with a lisp the first few times. I don’t know why. Just the way I’m built. That makes for some ‘Wait? What!?!’ moments. Don’t even get me started on ‘fufficient’ (!!) *grins* Or ‘Arfe!’ That ain’t no dog barkin’.

Still wading through the history of Texas text I picked up. I now remember the title, ‘Lone Star’. But not the author. And he will be one I want to remember. The Kindle says I have under two hours left. I’m going to try and finish it tonight.

And then banish it to the archive in the Amazon cloud. Off my device, damned Spot! This one really has been a task to get through.
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