TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

RoboCalls and Other Annoyances

Gotta hate those things.

Got a robocall (while I was in the bathroom, of course!) from Momentum Mini, saying my parts were in and ready for installation. I needed to call.

So I call. And get bounced all over Hell’s half acre. Finally sent the guy I got the original notification about the order an email to the order of:

        Dude, I think I paid to have those parts shipped to me. I can come get them if necessary but then y’all owe me some 20 dolla and change!

Thanks tom h.

I’m kind of annoyed at what a clusterfuck this turned out to be. They will not likely get any parts biz from me.

In other news

Apparently the politicians in Florida are as daft as the ones in Texas. For fuck’s sake! You’ve shuttered Internet cafes in the state. WTF!? Because…. Gambling. Because IDIOCY more like. Fuckheads.
Tags: 42, news, stuff i don't like, stupid shit, tech
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