TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Interesting Factoid

The last week or so I’ve noticed that my pants and shorts seem to be falling off me. Unless I wear a belt.

Tried an experiment a little while ago. Got a pair of shorts out I haven’t been able to wear for quite a while due to *uhh - middle age spread.* Haven’t been able to for over a year by my reckoning. As I was pulling them up I was thinking, ‘nope. they seem a bit too tight.’ And then I buttoned them. Oops! They are still a bit tight. But they are on. And buttoned and zipped. And I can still breathe. Which means they are not too tight. They are not pinching me uncomfortably any where.

What does this mean? It means, Oh True Believer, that I have lost at least an inch from my waist. Thanks to the changes I made.


Where’s the friggin’ CHEESECAKE!?!?

HAHA! Nope. Have another piece of sliced cucumber and some carrots. Some tuna fish. And a couple of cherry tomatoes.



Tags: 42, diet, health, mff
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