TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Had a Thought to Go Out Tonight...

And then I had another thought as I poured myself a wee dram.


I can have a pretty good time sitting right here for the nonce.

Took a shower earlier today. Then took the bike out for an errand this afternoon. Stopped by the mini and installed the “Boot Box” as it were called. And a sun-shield for the back window.

And then my errands and back. And I feel like I smell. It’s a manly smell, but not one I really care to share unless necessary. *grins*


The Shield Thing(s)

You can see through it, but I wonder if it makes the window tint too dark or something. I wouldn’t think so, but stranger shit has happened. Be a shame, because I have one for both the side windows too. I don’t really anticipate them being in the windows all of the time any way.

These were the parts that were overnighted to me for some oddball reason I haven’t really been able to fathom.

I’ll put the ones for the side windows in the next day or so. Once I figured out the mechanics of the silly little plastic parts, the one for the back was on in a jiffy.

Been parking TheRedOne on the top floor in the garage. I’m still at the stage where I laugh when ever I see it. And again when I sit in the drivers seat. And when I start it up and take off.

So yeah, I reckon the varnish ain’t off yet.
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