TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

76? In July? WTF?!

Color me astounded. If this came from up north somewhere I’m grateful. Supposed to hit 89F today. Unseasonable.

Going into the 3rd day now of rainy weather. I’ve got the front and patio doors open and fans going for a cross-breeze effect. I was going to take the bike out this morning but I woke up to wet wetness. Dark enough out that it is almost night in my apt with the blinds closed.

Humidity is a bitt too high *heh 86%* to be really comfy, but, for the moment I’ve got a cool if somewhat sticky breeze in here. Helps to clear the air every once in a while. If it gets too much higher (and it looks like it will at some point) I’ll turn the air on and close up.

Had some breakfast, yogurt and I am working through my second mug of coffee flavored caffeine beverage.

A MINI note: the car seems pretty stable on wet roads. That was one of the areas where the ol’ Saturn Express was mightily deficient. Damned car would hydroplane on a millimeter of water it seemed like. Made me nervous to drive in wet weather sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, caution is good. And there was a time or two I had to change my shorts when I got home. *laughs*

The exit I usually took to get off the freeway in the hinterlands always seemed to have standing water in rainy weather and nearly every time I hit it I’d feel the tires losing their grip on the road. Brrrrrrr.
Tags: weather, weird shit, wtf
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