TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Do You?

Do you remember your dreams?

I generally do not. Occasionally one slips through. And that’s okay. I used to have these weird, unsettling dreams. That was when I was going through that last rough patch. I was exhausted. They would wake me up. Apnea was definitely a factor too. Strange apocalyptic shit. I’d wake up sweating, out of breath, sitting up in bed. After I calmed down, I’d fall back asleep within a minute or two and fall right back into the same damned dream. In sequence, or order. By chapters or something.

I’m telling you, they broke my ‘Weird-Shit-O-Meter’.

So no, I don’t really mind that I don’t remember them most of the time either. I presume I must be dreaming at some point, because I’m not quite completely certifiable.

So. Do you? Remember? Do you remember your dreams?
Tags: 42, enquiring minds want to know
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