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This, That and the Other Thing

My damned scale died. How the hell does that happen? Next one I buy will be mechanical. No bells. No whistles. And no batteries.


The Mini meet up was a big time suck. Maybe I just caught them on a off day. (thinking I was 'off' Not them) I'm not usually (not anymore) so easily annoyed.

By virtue of being late for the meet and greet, (traffic sucked and I had to stop for gas) I sat at the table with the only kids. Pair of boys. And they were bored out of their gourds with this crowd. That pair (avec parental units) came in after I did.

Won't be hanging with these folks anytime soon. Not a single person spoke to me. I tried to start convos several times.

Every one at the table had their food served except me. I think the waitperson forgot my order. It was food I shouldn't be eating anyway. The point is… I bailed.

Drove home on backroads. Best part of the day. Opened the sunroof and side windows. Damn it's still August. Got the radar detector out and hauled some ASS!

Stopped at the watering hole on the way back and drank one too many beers. *laughs* It's always that last one that gets you! Moving slow (if at all) today. *grins* Think I'm going to give up beer for a while again.


And The Other Thing
I've been around a bit. Stepped on the patio a while ago. There is a small family group sitting along one side of the pool. And they are talking and snacking. Seem to be having a good time. And then they broke out the hookah pipe and took turns. I've lived in Texas for over 30 years. I've never seen any one pull out a hookah pipe by a pool. Caught me off guard. And this was a full sized (3 to 4 feet tall) unit. We've got some unusual people around this complex. I think it is great!

Stepped onto the patio one night last week and it looked like some sort of prayer meeting was going on. IN THE POOL. Didn't look real happy to see me staring down from the 5th floor. Hey. Yer in a public area. I will look if I want.


Bonus Other Thing!

Keys? Yes, please.

Had a BT keyboard I used (sparingly) with my 1st iPad. Maybe a little too sparingly. Can't get it to power up, much less connect with the iPad. Paired a wireless keyboard I used when the keyboard in the mac lappie was going berserk. I used it until I replaced the keyboard in that machine. Seems to work just fine with my 'pad. If you can use a key board with one of these it seems to make the thing a little more useful.

Still... It Just Works... Not just pretty words.



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Aug. 26th, 2013 08:39 am (UTC)
My scales died, too. Just replaced the battery and it was fine again. But yeah, I'd prefer a mechanical rather than electronic one. I did still have my old scales, but they were in stones and pounds, and the numbers were too small for me to read any more. So, I took it to the recycling station not too long ago.

I'm sorry the meet was a disappointment. What rude people! What about being inclusive? I was worried they might be a bit too 'thingy' about theiur duco, but...

Glad you had a nice drive back.

Interesting neighbours you have. I'd like the former (not that I'm into that stuff) but not the latter. And yeah, if they do it publically, then they have to be prepared to be seen!

Keep up your techy work. Good for you. I need a new 'Gyro' here!
Aug. 26th, 2013 02:17 pm (UTC)
Changed the batteries. Still dead.

Ha! I had to look up duco... It didn't break my heart though. Although that group posts so much on facebook, they were clogging my inbox with notifications, I turned those off too.

Gyro - Big shoes to fill. Heh
Aug. 26th, 2013 11:37 am (UTC)
Damn, sorry the meet up was such a damp squib
Aug. 26th, 2013 02:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Me too. But had a nice drive in the countryside.
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