TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Strange Friday

Friday Evening Weirdness
Took the bike over to MyFitFoods to pick up yesterday's order. ***laughs*** I know, right? Well anyway, it is a nice 3 mile round trip depending on which way I go. On the bike path on the way over I ran across this girl (Biking the opposite way of which I was going) who basically has no english, that tried to pick me up in a bar the other night. I didn't bite. I had been warned. She babbled on at me today too, 'bout the best I could do was a quick "Ola!" as we flew past each other.

Like 2 bikes that pass in the afternoon. ***grins***

I get to the store and my bike app just went berserk. It damn near bricked my phone. 'Runkeeper' is the app. I installed it because it was one of the few apps that works with the Pebble Watch practically on download. I finally managed to shut it down and deleted right off my new shiny. I already have a different one that I'm used to using on my previous mobile.

The gal behind the counter asks me, "Did you cut your arm?"
"Wha-?" says I. Look at my forearm and I've got the red stuff running down towards my hand and it has already marked my watch. WTF!?! Washed it off after I got back. *It's weird*. Looks like some kind of blood blister, that may have been *caused by that selfsame watch*.

Road Trip Things
Bike? Or no bike? I'm of two minds about this. As usual.

On the one hand, I'd like to take it along. It would be good for me. I like being on the machine. It is fun.

On the other hand? I'd have to constantly be aware of the thing. Keeping track of it. Hoping no one yanks it off my car if I leave it unattended. Because even if it and the rack are locked to my car, someone that is really determined could conceivably remove the security stuff fairly quickly and be off with one of my favorite toys. Also possibly damaging Lil' Red too.

I'm not gonna be riding it off road. It is a hybrid road bike, not a mountain bike.

I've got some time to ponder this one. I suppose if I wanted to I could rent a bike. Annnnnnnnnd…

Here's another part of my thinking, warped that it might be. The last time I was at altitude, it wasn't pretty. I spent a lot of time out of breath. ***laughs***

I don't smoke any more, but I'm still not in real good shape either. Better than I was a few months ago, but not optimal. Far from it. Better than I was almost 20 years ago? Not flippin' likely. I ain't whinging about it, but it is what it is. And I AM GOING. Got meds for it this time… ***grins***
Tags: diet, ebike, lilred, mff, roadtrip, thats_weird, thoughts
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