TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

More Weirdness

The Haunted Phone. As I said in THIS post, The new iPhone has been having some "issues". I believe I've narrowed it down to one thing. HEAT…

I was sitting outside, yesterday a couple of different times. Been beastly hot, and I was sitting in a breezeway. Unfortunate, but there just wasn't much of a breeze. It was, however, in the shade.I was working a Sudoku puzzle and had put the phone on the table I was sitting at. I glanced at the phone at some point, it looked like it was trying to turn itself ON! being the curious ape that I am, I swiped. I watched for a few moments as it went through to various apps and just created general havoc where ever it landed. Clicked into the phone app and made hay of trying to dial something. Eventually made its way to my contacts. Scrolled through the list several times and then pick and dial my sisters house. In NW Florida. She answered so fast, we had a chat for a minute or so. I explained that my phone had pocket dialed her whilst it was NOT in a pocket. That was strange. I moved back inside and after a few minutes it calmed down.

After while, I wanted to confirm my suspicions and went back outside. Within 7 minutes, it was doing its crazy thing again. Confirmed my new theory that it is the heat I guess. Never had one do that before, but it was close to 100F too. Haven't confirmed this is the problem online. But what if one got stranded somewhere and one's damn phone kept doing this?!
Tags: 42, iphone5, thats_wierd
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