TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Brain Dump

Who the fuck conceived that damned mallard duck meme?

Got a new iPhone 5 on my visit to the Apple Store.
The Genius professed not to know what is wrong with it. The guess was 'bad circuitry'. ***insert Disney Goofy laugh here*** ~DUH!

Had a killer headache this morning that woke me up. Think it is the weather.

Looks like Friday will be the day I bail out of town.
I'll wait until after rush hour and then hit the road. Going to try to get at least to someplace between Austin and Abilene. Probably further unless my stamina gives out. ***grins***

Technological Follies
Had a devil of a time trying to find a couple of FUNCTIONAL portable hard drives here. I found three portables. For one reason or another one had a dead batch of circuitry. The other just spun. Never mounted. The third just seems to be dead. Haven't used that one for a couple of years so it really doesn't surprise me.

Then I couldn't find the right tools to disassemble them. That was more frustrating than trying to make them work. I did manage to get 2 functioning hard drives. One weighs in at 360GB while the other is 120GB. These are mostly for photographs. I'm going to do this trip sans laptop. iPad only and a couple of hard drives. iPod for tunes.

Got the camera equipment nestled into it's new bag earlier today.

Stop Biting Me, Dammit!
Out with friends tonight and the dang mosquitos were just awful. That little bit of rain we've had over the last couple of days must have been just enough to set them to swarming. They were as bad as I have ever seen them in this part of town. I'm chewed up.
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