TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Jeebus! Interesting Day

I've been carrying an iBrick around with me since I left Tucumcari. I talked to AT&T while
I was still in Santa Fe. The guy told me there was an outage due to weather. Okay so I'll get service if I leave the area or just wait it out. I moved on to Chama on Thursday. Still no service.

Went to a local watering hole for lunch and was talking to the bartender about it while I ate my lunch. As luck would have it, she's with AT&T. No problem with her phone. So after I finished eating I cruised back to the motel and got AT&T on the phone. We ascertained that my SIM card was compromised. I needed a replacement.

Annnnnnd the nearest place to get a replacement? Farmington, NM. 112 MILES AWAY. In the rain. So I made the trip. What could I do?

Had people looking for me. Every time I'd get to a place with half decent wifi, my phone would blow up with texts and email. And then crater when I replied the phone would crater. I wasn't sure if anything I sent was getting out. Back in Chama now.

And got these on the way.

Tags: 42, att, chama, find the fall 2013, iphone5, nm, via ljapp
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