TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

There IS Some Air at 6000 (apx) Feet

So from Pagosa Springs, I rolled over to Durango. Decided against the two day wait to get a ticket on the Durango and Silverton. Made a right at Durango. Stopped and had lunch. Drove up to Silverton. Once I discovered how close I was to Ouray and Telluride, I couldn't stop myself, I made a course correction and drove up to Ouray, and then Telluride and then down here to Cortez. Arrived in Telluride right at dusk, so the trip down to Cortez was mostly in the friggin' dark. Not happy about that one but that's the price I paid for changing my itinerary on the fly. Been in these parts before, but it was long ago. In another lifetime. Good times they were. So here I am. I'll be heading south into New Mexico today at some point.

My 55/300 mm lens has become my goto glass for this trip. Lemme show you why:

See you. On the road.

Tags: 42, find_the_fall_2013, roadtrips, via ljapp
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