TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Had a Lazy Couple of Days Since I Got Home Early Tuesday Morning.

Had a nice welcome back from friends at the Watering Hole on Monday night. I've just taken it easy since then. I'm not even fully un-packed yet. Made a quick stop on Tuesday at My Fit Foods so I could get back on my diet.

Surprisingly enough I had only gained about about 3lbs on the trip, to 272. Weighed in today at 270 and change, so I'm back on the track I guess. I'd expected the gain to be more, but I guess having to fight for breath must have helped to reset my metabolism. Next time I go into the high country I'm going to take a O2 Tank with me. *grins*

Haven't managed to pluck the rest of the pictures off my cameras yet. What can I say, I'm lazy. I did say so in the title. I do want to do that so I can do some kind of write up for it.

But, the informal itinerary turned out to be: Houston > The Texas Panahndle. Through Amarillo (where I picked up Route 66), Texas. On to Tucumcari, New Mexico, Then back roads up to Los Vegas, NM. On through some smaller towns on backroads, and I surfaced in Santa Fe, NM. Cruised into Toas, NM. From there, I moved on to Chama, NM. The ultimate goal here was to ride the Cumbres and Toltec Narrow Gauge Railway. It runs from Antonito, CO to Chama, NM. And from Chama back to, etc… It was in Chama where I discovered I was going to need to layer up, as it was quite chilly at night. And also that the Sim Card in my new phone was fried. So I made a couple of really long side trips for various things. From Chama, I eventually made for Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Hung there for a few days and then I was going to go to Cortez, CO. I sidetracked myself into making a horn around the area of Durango, Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride. All in Colorado. The road from Telluride put me into Delores, CO and thence to Cortez. From Cortez, I skipped into the 4 Corners area. Just strayed pretty quickly into Airzona, and over into western NM. Back east across the State to overnight in Vaughn, NM and slipped over the border into Texas the next day. The it was a pretty long drive back to Houston. I think I clocked about 3500 miles on Lil' Red on this trip.

I'm calling this a success!
Tags: 42, find_the_fall_2013, roadtrips
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