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Just realized, it has been 5 days since my last post.

I ain't dead. Just quiet. Thoughtful. A lot on my mind. I will say this though, I have to make some changes in lifestyle. And...

... Change is coming.

Ready or not. Here it comes! Not going to say much more than that, because everything isn't firmed up yet.

Been cooler here, but seems to be warming a bit. Thoroughly the norm around this area. Had the AC off the last few days. Found myself sweating at some point before bed last night and turned it on. Off again today. So far.

The CITGO gas station that was on the corner here is being demolished. Never used them much as their gas was more expensive (A CITGO. Really!) than others around here. They've have had an excavator over there tearing up the ground (to get at the storage tanks) and have destroyed the pump islands. Damned thing shakes my whole building when it goes after something. Kind of fascinating to watch. Even if it's another death of a local business. Don't know if that was a jobber (Not company owned) or not. Judging from the condition of the place when it shuttered, I'd tend to think it was an independent.

Dieting progress continues. I was down to 261lbs (and change) this morning. YAY! Weekends are the hardest though. Lots of what we do socially centers around food and drink. I need to watch that mess. I can do this.

Noticed a lot of *Not too much* posting going on around these parts. Guess it is that time of year. So, how's by you?
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