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So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

Got dropped by a flist-er from over the pond. We haven't that much in common, other than our approximate ages. Most of her stuff is over on the Book of Face anyway, so I dropped her here as well. Not really stuff (mostly games and crap) I'm interested in soooo...

I'm cool with it. Funny how that still stings a bit though. I have a bit of a WTF?!? moment, and then move along.

I'm not on FB as much and I just rolled over there and social fixer tells me she just dropped me over there as well. *HAHA* Thought she might. Now THAT is what I call a useful browser extension.


Having my spot of coffee this morning. Went to bed late and so slept late. Was at a *not a date* date last night. We had stuff to discuss. So we did, over drinks and dinner. About 1200 I started yawning. Assured her she wasn't boring me (your T's was TIRED) and left at nearly one to come home. Was basically past my bed time.

I did give her some things to think on, and vice versa. Not sure this one (or any, at this point. *laughs*) is going to work out. Both strong willed and not afraid to use it. Both pretty set in our ways.

Wait and see, I reckon. Slow is the way to go.


About to serve myself some breakfast and then watch the Texans beat up (hopefully) on the Rams today at noon. Had a disappointing season so far. Both teams are currently tied in the league at 2 - 3 - 0.


Had something else on my mind, but it seems to have slipped away. Oh well.

Happy Sunday, Y'all!
Tags: 42, flist cuts, life liberty & the pursuit of happiness, lj friends, sex drugs & rock n roll
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