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Well Fuuuuuuuuuuu - !!!

Looks like I have a catastrophic disk failure on my hands. Looks like the last update to iTunes has crashed my external media drive. **LOOKS** like it but probably **IS** just a failure. Neither of my Macs will even **READ** the damned thing. Not good. Haven't tried the thinkpad yet, but (unfortunately) I'm prepared for the worst case scenario. This drive may be dead.

I have a couple of spare external drives around but I'm going to need a relatively secure back up strategy put in place immediately. Don't get me wrong I have backups of most everything else. Just not THAT drive. Kinda stupid since it is the single biggest investment I've made digitally. AHEM!

Looks like my iPod does indeed have all of my stuff on it. Which is a good thing.

*Pretty sure* I'll be able to recover, but jee bus! I really did not need this to happen right now. Better things to do with my time, eh?

As I said above…

Fuuuuuuuuuuu - !!!

Got to be the dumbest thing I've done in quite some time.
Tags: 42, itunes, media, music, tech
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