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Not Optimal....

It has rained here every day for the last 5 or so I think. Thunder is bangin' and lightning is a flashin' as I type this. Still hotter than blazes too. I NEED to do some yard work at least in the front but in my opinion it has just been too wet. Working in the back is just simply out of the question. Unless you own water wings! I'm gonna have to get after the front tomorrow no matter what, I think. meh!

So in between sleeping, eating and bouts with washing machine and dryer. I spent the weekend in more cerebral situations.  Yeah, right...

What I've really been doing is fighting with The Cool One's new laptop. Sweet machine - Duo core - blazing fast, Windoze Vista, and with a pretty good Nvidia Video card. Damned thing has a couple of issues though:

Issue #1 - I can't make the damned thing talk to my wireless router - It sees the router, but fails to connect. I finally gave in and we took it to The Geek Squad. That's right, ME! Texas(Will work for bandwidth)T's gave it over and went to the geek squad. Connected to their router just fine....Dang. Considered buying a new router. We walked around a bit (dangerous store for me, but not as dangerous as Fry's) I bought a $20 game that looked interesting to me. This in and of itself is another story. And not a good one EITHER! But back to the wireless issue.

I decided rather than buying a new Router I would try to call NETGEAR Tech Support. After much punching of buttons on the phone - I finally got through to a live person named "Robert". Robert is apparently from a certain Eastern country that is draining IT jobs from the US. He seemed to know his stuff - even though everything he had me do - I had already pretty much done! I was hoping for an insight other than - "You need to contact the PC manufacturer, sir!" Which is ultimately what "Robbie" wanted me to do. I tried to explain to "Robert" that I didn't think it was the PC because it would connect to an "Open" wireless network (that I found) a block away(!) but not to my now "open" network. I usually keep ours locked down. So now The Cool One is a bandwidth thief! Crappy, slow connection too. But a connection, nonetheless! Foolish people! Don't you know there are Data Pirates around??

But he was down to the "You need to contact the PC manufacturer, sir!" part of his script, and wouldn't get off it, so this turned out to be a fruitless call. Arrrrrgh! Scripted Techs - I hate 'em!

The Cool One also bought a new NIKON Coolpix camera. This brings us to:
Issue #2 - He and The Queen installed the software, and the damned machine didn't install the software correctly. So they didn't interface correctly. In other words, the NIKON software didn't see the frickin' NIKON camera. He took it back over to the geek squad where the guy told him, "I'm clueless about this." Well shit! I poked around with it late last night to no avail. So late this morning, I uninstalled THAT software and retried to install. Still no dice. I installed it on another machine and it worked like a charm. I also watched the install sequence and noticed at the beginning it didn't seem to install the drivers on the laptop. Called NIKON Tech Support to see if we could install the drivers manually. Got a tech on the phone that seemed to know her stuff - But, "No, we cannot install the drivers manually - Try a download of the latest SW and this should fix it. On the Laptop though, with that painfully slow connection - it was gonna take a long time to download the 82 MB download. And for some reason they want you to use Internet Explorer(!) WTF!Tried it on his desktop machine with firefox. That worked but when I went to burn the damned file to a CD it froze his desktop machine. By this time I had had the tech on the phone for almost an hour. Asked her to just tell me what to do and I would let her go to something else. (I used to work in a call center so I know the more calls you take the better your stats are - so away she goes. She had assured me this would take care of the driver issue. I went to MY PC downstairs did the download in less than 2 minutes and had it burned to a CD in less than 5. Back upstairs to try this set of files. Still no dice on the driver install - Called them back got another response of - "You need to contact the PC's manufacturer."

At this point I'm starting to believe it! The card reader in the back of this this seems to have the same driver issue. Gonna try that tomorrow if I can...

Other than this - I've had a pretty good weekend! - LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Windoze VISTA my ASS! Don't do it, at least until service pack 2!
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