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Well THAT is Disconcerting!

Some Things

Thang 1. Re-downloaded Mailplane 2.5. on my macbook pro. Had a trial of v3. It expired, and while I like that new release, they are calling it a major update, hence a new license is required. Ummm... No. Maybe later. But it wouldn't log me in to my gmail accounts. Found a solution *heh* but I won't go into it unless someone here needs to know. *laughs* Suffice it to say, they have indeed covered google's bases.

So the fix is in for that. Took a while but, it's all good.

Thang 2. Senuti - is an iPod copying utility that let's you copy all your media from your iPod to your Mac. Except when it doesn't. Arrrrrrrgh! Either the iPod or iTunes (or the program itself) loses focus and then stalls. Just stops and waits for input."Pay attention and *click me*".

But it is still pretty good. Had it error out on 1/2 a dozen songs so far. But yanno, out of 5700 pieces of music that ain't bad. I hope there is a log file so I can go back and try again, because I am an idiot and haven't made a note of the damned songs. But it seems pretty quick. in just over an hour (I think) it has worked it's way through about 4/5 of my music library.

All this will be MOOT if it doesn't do it's job. Confidence level is high though.

Thang 3. The MacBook does have some issues. It's locking up with quite a bit of frequency right now. I used to run this thing for months without ever having to restart. But I got a feeling this too shall pass. One way or another.

Downloaded the utility suggested by symian. Haven't installed yet because I've been screwing around with iTunes. And that has given me a headache. Decided to let it catch up with itself (iTunes is busy doing something!) and look at it later.

The damned screen thing is getting to be annoying. Can't do anything about that right now.
Tags: 42, itunes, ohshit, osx, tech
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