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This Will Likely Take a While

Downloading 3809 items - 88 errors. And yes I've saved the log file.

Cryptic? No Not really. Read on!

Was On a chat with iTunes Support

Everything in my purchased media screen went blank. I mean the entire window is blank. Nothing, nada, zilch. Squat. I had been working on this last night and this morning. All of a sudden Pfffft!

I don't have a huge library compared to some, but it is something along the order of 400GB.

Erin @iTunes support was pretty good and helpful. She did advise me in the end to call tech support.

And of course as soon as the chat ends… The downloads start. *grins* Think I'll hold off on calling Tech Support.

Even though it is really screaming along, iTunes does 3 files simultaneously, it is going to take a while.

And it looks like it is downloading *everything* I had in iCloud. Bless her! Not just purchased. Even stuff I've deleted...And she gave me a free movie rental on my account too!

Faith in human nature - Confirmed!

ETA. This process is using a HUGE amount of bandwidth. Slowing everything down. I expected this.
Tags: apple, itunes, tech_support
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