TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

A Lasting Impression?

dod-s-ro when I was hanging at JimBro's last night, the door bell rang. It was close to or after midnight.

Jim went to answer the door. A few moments later, On of Jay's (JimBro's son) friends, named Link, walked into the kitchen. Apparently he saw Lil'Red (my Mini Cooper) sitting in the driveway and was compelled to stop and say 'Hello!' I met all these kids one night when I showed up at the house unannounced and sort of barged my way in the door.

Apparently I left quite the impression on them when I partied with them that night. Jim was home that night, but asleep upstairs. He was a bit pissed about it. But he did get over it.

He hung around for a few minutes and bailed out. I asked Jim if these kids ever did that shit when his kids were not home?
**"Not until now!"** We cracked up.

*I was kind of amazed.*


Dogs, cats, animals and kids are drawn to me.

Tags: 42, friends
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