TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Sluggin' it in on the Katy

I knew it might be an interesting ride in when I got in this guy's truck. He had a teen or post teen in the truck with him. They were listening to KSBJ. This station is one of the local gospel stations. One of their hooks is "God listens". 

Jeebus...Was I ever right.

We were about halfway to downtown when the kid starts a conversation:

Kid: "Do you go to church?"

Me: "Ummmmm. Excuse me?" Okay, I admit it, I was stunned. 

Kid: "Do you go to church?"

That's what I thought I heard. Only in America.

Me: "No"

Me: "Not anymore"

Kid: "What denomination?"

Me: "What?"

Kid: "What denomination did you attend?"

Me: "I beg your pardon? Oh...United Methodist."

Kid: "Why did you stop going?"

I'm thinking, 'Seriously WTF?' I look in the rear view mirror and find Daddy smiling indulgently at his son's inquisition.

Kid: "Were you somehow dis-illusioned?"

Me: "Yeah...I guess you could say that..."

Kid: "About what?"

Me: "Excuse me?" I heard him. But I feel myself starting to get a little perturbed with this line of questioning. It ain't even 6:30 in the AM yet. I fight with myself to bite back some smart-ass comment to shut this dude down.

Kid: "What made you stop going? What were you dis-illusioned by?"

Enough Already!

Me: "Kid, whatever I was looking for at the time, was not in that building." That one for some reason shut him down. But I could tell he was percolating on something.

In my life I've been to a lot of churches. In a lot of different denominations. Haven't found one that works for me yet.

I know your vehicle now, my proselytizing friends...And I'll be ready next time. I'll burn your Christian ears right off your head...

Religion is, for me, a private matter - Don't ask me about mine and I probably won't ask you about yours.

Tags: commute, commuting, huh?, the daily commute
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