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Nope. Just using the broiler. Never fails. Broiled a few small pork chops this afternoon. Damned if the smoke alarm didn’t go off. As usual. And soooooooooo...

Opening the doors was a pleasant surprise. Although rather gray and dreary the temps are in the low 70’s. Or were.

Started to fall into the 60’s at this point. Low is only supposed to be in the 50’s.

Woo Hoo!

Supposed to be kind of a fugly weekend though. Or just more of the same. Gray and dreary. But warmish.

Highs in the 50's on Moonday.


Nope. Not gonna do it.Wouldn't be prudent!
With regards to phones…

I don’t generally answer numbers I don’t know. And I don’t answer ‘Unknown’. And I certainly do not answer ‘Caller ID Blocked

The only time I would consider even answering a number I don’t know, is if I am expecting a call.

So fuck you, 'Unknown'! Why don't you ever leave a message, 'Unknown'?


OtherWorld Computing...

Is having a SALE!

Jeebus! These things were (are) 300 bucks at one time. I could get a used one now for $19.00. If I had the money to spend I damn sure would pony up for one.

Not a thing in the world wrong with my MBP, other than the display is cracked. And getting worse.


As a matter of fact Mac Peoples looks to be over 100 items on sale. Go look!
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