TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Yeah. No. Nope.

Thought about heading out for a bit tonight.

But my headache is still hanging in, and hence the annoyance factor would likely be high, ( *okay WILL BE*) so I've reconsidered and decided...

To just stay in.

Got a cup of decaf I'm working on. I'm goofing on the computer. Weather is a bit funky also. Rainy and cold. Well, cold by Houston standards.

Made an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow. Thought I made the appointment for 1245, but the confirmation came back for 1145. *sigh* So, color me annoyed.

See what I mean about the annoyance factor?

It is at a place I've never been. Supposed to be good. I don't deal well with change for these kinds of things, (I've been going to the same guy for over 10 years) but I'm real tired of driving out to the 'burbs for a haircut.

I doubt seriously unless I get a real good deal on something that I will live in the suburbs again. And so time for a change. The guy I'm used to going to to is more hard of hearing than I am. And that's when he is wearing his hearing aids. *laughs*

Besides, I need a more modern type consultation. And I really need a consult. And a decent cut.
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