TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So, If I didn't Answer the Phone

The first time you called, what in Hell made you think I was going to answer the second, third or fourth time. It must be clear, I do not want to talk to you.

Rainy and funky out. Not cold. Just cool, gray and wet. Putting me in a mood, I guess. Supposed to be that way the next few days. And a high of 80º F on Friday. That is supposed to be the high this week.

Found the top of my kitchen table in the last day or two. Kitchen counters are next.
Been kind of ignoring some things around here. And it is time to cut that out. It ain't really all that bad, I'm just a little hesitant to invite anyone over. I don't really want to share my mess with anyone. I am by no means a neat freak, but I can do a *much* better job than I have been.

I hate when I go to look for something, I can't find it. Especially when I had it in my hands not more than a few days ago. Argh. It kinda sets me off. What is it this time? A roll of those velcro cable minders. Managed to corral most of the cables. Just had a few that needed wrangled, plus I wanted to put the roll in the box. It will show up, I'm sure.

Let someone go on Facebook. It was over that, "I stand with Hobby Lobby" bullcrap at the Supreme Court. This is not a freedom of religion issue in my humble opinion. They might think it is. But no. I just tend to disagree somewhat strongly. Not going into it. I know I post some liberal stuff all over my page, and if you disagree that strongly, you are welcome to disown me too. Anyway we rarely commented on each others stuff. And when I did I was mostly ignored. I might have been one of those people that you just couldn't remember where you knew me from, but didn't know what to do with me now. We originally met on LiveJournal. Still have an account. Haven't updated since Jan of '13.

So decision made. You didn't have to. I don't think we had any kind of bond here. Or there.

I'd wager there's more of that to come.

Someone tried to use my debit card for some fraudulent purchase yesterday. Credit Union's watchdogs caught it. We agreed to shut the card down. CU is sending me another. Have an idea where that was Phished from. Heh. no money in that account at this time anyway. No harm.

Caught up with 'Justified' early this AM. Want to see if I can manage with 'The Walking Dead' next. That show might dead to me after all this time.. *laughs*

The Xfinity Web site seems a bit buggy (overall) and all the eps for Dead are not available, so I have to look elsewhere.

Cancelled the last of my Medical type stuff until such time as I can afford it again.

And this just in...
Just served notice that I'm getting an upgrade in my apartment. New bathroom counter top, sink, fixtures. Annnnnnnd that's not all! Faux wood blinds too! (not in the bathroom. No windows in there) I don't mind, really. Updates will be nice.

Supposed to be done in one day. And inspected the next. I'll believe THAT when I see it.
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