TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords

dod-b-reen noodling about various things the last few days.

Haven’t been on FB all that much. Trying to limit my time there. Read the friends list and commented here or there. Noodled a bit with Apple Automator (I never have before so it is all new to me), new versions of FantastiCal (for OS X and iOS, and an iOS app ~ Launch Center Pro.

Also screwed around with the RoboVac. It is a Neato Robotics Vacuum. Trying to put that bad boy back into regular service.

The latest firmware update seems to have effed it up a bit. Tasks that were no brainers, have now become “Let’s burn the silicone right off the wheels” events. It really has a hard time with a pöang chair from IKEA. It had minor problems with it before, but now it has major ones. I may need to contact tech support to see if maybe it can be **unflashed**. My fault, I should have poked around and looked for advise before I did it.


Also solved an issue FireFox seemed to have with LJ. It was the AdBlock extension. Turned it off. Tried it in Chrome too. Had the same issue. And the same fix. Still have issues with Safari too. Might look at them tomorrow. Might not. Safari has some strange things about it that I just can't seem to get over, so if I have everything, so far, working in FF or Chrome (which I'm not in love with either, but it does some things pretty well).

I tried to use Safari almost exclusively for about a month. It just has some kind of weird Apple type vibe, that I'm finding hard to wrap my head around.


Spent Easter Sunday with cadona and The Offspring and the boyfriend. I probably owe them all an apology of some kind. I wasn't rude or anything. I just wasn't fully present. Because... ?

I was out Saturday night with friends partying a little bit. Or a lot. Walked in the door at the Cave, looked at the time and went to bed. It was after 5AM on Sunday. Slept till about 10. Ish. Grabbed a shower, threw on clothes, yanked my crockpot pinto beans out of the fridge and went to lunch.

But yeah, I was not the best of company. Got back home. Early. Hit the sack early. And was up early.

There's more, but I'm tired and will be tottering off to bed here shortly.

"Be good to each other. If we don't then who will?"
Tags: 42, tech

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