TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Just an Observation

You know you're in a sketchy part of town when I take the wind shield wiper blades off the cars that are on car lots. I noticed this whilst sitting at a stoplight on the way back from C’s house.

Went over and took her and one of her cats, who does NOT care for strangers (such as me or veterinarians OR Cars either for that matter) to the vet and back. The cat set to doing some caterwauling while in the carrier too.

We stopped at a local BBQ food truck to get some lunch after. She made a quick batch of Potato Salad for a side. Good stuff, man!

At any rate, I bet I’ve driven by that car lot dozens of times over the years, never noticed that before.

A bit sad that they feel the need to do summat like that.
Tags: 42, cadona, i_observe
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