TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

What?! Why?!

A bit on the tired side this morning. Coffee helps. So will a shower. Not quite sure what the deal is. Could be from all the 'fun' I had on Saturday, but I don't think so. Slept well. I think.

I have gained some weight this weekend. *laughs* I think the pounds I "lost" last week were likely mostly water, so some of that will go again this week. I had a fairly sedentary weekend. Still an overall loss, but just a couple of pounds rather than the 5 and a half I originally thought to have lost. And I kinda cheated on the weighing in thing (oh well, I was here, the scale was here, what could go wrong?) so maybe by the day after tomorrow (official weigh in day) I'll have dropped a bit.

Off to hit the shower, then I'm off to work!
Tags: 42
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