TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Yeah Well, Screw You Too!

Some long haired punk ass kid cashier at the grocery store tried to give me a ration of shit tonight as I was checking out.

What about? My EBT (SNAP Benefit) grocery purchase. I was too tired and and too old and too damned hungry to hold back. I may have caused a small scene in the grocery store. I ain't saying what I said, it likely shouldn't be said in mixed company at ANY time. I don't really remember exactly what was said. Started out low where only he could he me, and rose in pitch and timber as I got angrier.

Needless to say, I don't think he'll be giving any one any crap about this kind of purchase anytime soon. I think he'll be lucky if he still has a goddam job by the end of shift!

The ears of said punk ass kid as well as any one else within close proximity were likely burned off in the blistering tirade I let loose with.

I was escorted from the store, with my groceries (which I did pay for) out to the parking lot by the manager, who seemed to be a nice enough fellow. Although he was in rather a hurry to get me out of the store. At least that's the way it looked to me. *laughs*

I was so angry I don't even remember what it was I said. Incident put me off my dinner though. Tried to eat. Just not happenning.

I can miss a meal or two.

I'll say one thing for the snobby little fuck though... He had GREAT hair! Long and shiny and blond and straight as an arrow.

Glad I ain't a gun totin' right wing - wingnut. It could have ended badly. *grins* I haven't gone off like that in quite some time. In public OR private.
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