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Work continues to kick my ass. But less. Losing a pound or two seems to help. As does not eating too much. Or drinking too much. Or gods forbid, SMOKING. I only do this when I go out. Mostly at night.

Continuing to get a better grip on the work situation, but I'm a bit slower on the pickup of things than I used to be. Maybe with practice, I'll speed up a bit.

Hence a hit or two on my list I published last week-ish(?) are:
I've had a big helping of "You are not as smart as you think you are, Mr. T's,"
I may have lost some of my edge. *grins*

The kids at work are picking this stuff up, perhaps just a bit faster than I am, they seem to all have some sales experience, retail or otherwise, that I don't have. Don't care, really. Some of these people seem to see me as some sort of threat. Uh yeah, well I didn't hire in for this crap, but goddam lookout once it all finally clicks, dammit!

Being on the phones has been interesting. And tiring.

Quite a few compliments on my "Phone Voice" from customers. Mostly ladies. Gals from away up north seem to dig my accent. Washington, Oregon. Minnesota. And even from good California. Had a long troubleshooting session with a doctor from Cali. We fixed her inet and wireless issues and she tried to fix some of my health issues. Fun conversation and totally off the charts as far as Ginormous Cable Conglomerate is concerned I am quite sure. I believe her phone died in mid sentence. She said I was "fun" to talk too.

A few less on my problem solving skills. *heh* That will come.

I think my Agent Scorecard will be low for a bit. I don't follow completely the model for customer interactions and I haven't sold much yet. One or two small things, but it is progress for someone like me who has always been on the other side of the desk.

So there is Work and Interpersonal Shit
plus The first of the phones

And here is a piece of the Bad
With all the dumb shit I pulled last weekend. Drinkin' and debauchin'. And just general shenanigans. I seem to have lost my Smartwatch. While at work this week I discovered just how much I had come to depend on it. DAMMIT! I'll have to get another, eventually.

I'll be good this weekend. Mostly...

Progress has been made on the list.
The remains:

The Good
The Bad
The Ugly

Not work.

Considering Ellen.
Sometimes I would rather just stay home.
I need a haircut.

My feet hurt.
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