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Scrolling down my page in Facebook, it's is more full of memes (and I propagate some of this, I admit, but nothing seriously stupid, it is just so damned easy.) and grand-baby pictures than my friends page here ever had. And the religious stuff is getting to be a bit much

Not enough news is the major malfunction though. I might have to go back to getting some form of newspaper delivered at least a couple days a week. Still having difficulty watching TV "news". What can I say, I am frickin' jaded against it.

Been tired and feeling kind of poorly. Partly environmental and partly self inflicted (or more self-indulging maybe) but I am feeling just so damned tired. I ain't 25 anymore. I cannot burn it at both ends like that now. And I did too. For years and years.

Probably more to be said on this. Just not now. I'm just too damned tired...
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