TexasT's (texasts) wrote,


Not a sound a person who wears glasses wants to hear (or feel) when cleaning said glasses. I was standing behind Lil’Red in the parking garage cleaning said glasses when the horrid sound occurred and the lens fell into my palm. FUCK!


Since I was standing behind the damned car I got in it and drove one-eyed jack style over to the optometrist to see if they had another pair of the same frame **HA!**. Girl in the shop thinks she can get a pair from the distributor. Told me I was eligible for an exam and a pair from my *new* insurance. Had to explain that I can’t really afford an exam, new lenses, and frames at the moment. Yes, even with my insurance. Unless I have to, of course. So we took care of this piece of it. Supposed to call tomorrow after she talks to whoever she needs to talk to.

She then applied scotch tape somewhat liberally to said hunk of plastic and metal frame. *NERD ALERT*.

Like most people who wear glasses I have a spare pair or two laying around. Just in case. Think they were from a scrip back minus one. So I can get along for a bit.
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