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Ohhh Hell

Hello friends!

Had this typed up early this morning after I got in from work. And then didn't push the 'post' button

Been mainlining 'Falling Skies' Season 4 over the last few days. Some interesting twisty stuff going on. At least through episode 19. *laughs*

*Fark!* And the end! I. Must. Watch. Another. Episode.

*Holy fuck!* Bastards. Okay. I could be up for ep. 21. Shouldn't, but hey, don't have to be at the J.O.B until 3 PM. Sooooooo.

No. But not last night. *grins* I do need to get some rest occasionally. Woke up at one point with my hands still on the keys. And wandered off to bed.

Had a fairly strange couple of days off (My weekends are Monday and Tuesday. *sigh* And before you say anything, whatever, those days are fine with me.)

Strange how you realize just how much of a misogynistic person someone really is until you've some hours seemingly captive in their circle of influence.. ^sheesh^

Or just how crazy some of the other folks you hang with a bit of time are not *quite* what you were led to think.`

So just a short recap (I need to get to bed) Weird shit has been taking place all around me. I can deal.

I think I'm getting close to soon not wanting to sleep in the same zip code that I woke up in. My weird assed weekends (Monday and Tuesday) could be of some assistance. Or a hinderance.

Ah wanderlust, I know thy name!
Tags: 42, fallen_skies, not_work, tv, work
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