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Well Here's a Another Stupid Move!

Sprint to 200 Iraq War Veterans: Go to Hell

After dumping "needy customers" because they take too many support resources, Sprint is also dumping 200 US soldiers after returning from a Tour of Duty in Iraq. The reason according to the veteran who denounced the situation: "excessive roaming." And not even Iraq-related. The story is so absurd that it's hard to believe.

After their tour of duty, the soldiers were assigned to West Point to train cadets. The area, which is classified by Sprint as having "best coverage", didn't had any good coverage at all. Calls kept dropping and the quality was bad. And then, it happened:

Many of us Sprint customers recieved a letter at the begining of this month declaring that our Sprint account will be cancelled on July 30th due to the amount of roaming we are doing. The letter stated that they believe that another carrier will be able to serve us better and that we are recieving the boot. Keep in mind, we are not here permanently, or by choice. This is a two month obligation that we had to fulfil, and because of it, Sprint is telling us good bye. We will be returning to our home station, where we have clear Sprint service, FIFTEEN days after the cancellation of our accounts. I personally know at least 10 soldiers that called and explained this situation to Sprint and was told everything was fine.
But it didn't stop there: to add insult to injury Sprint sold this guy "a new phone at full price the day that their cancellation notice was mailed to me." This happened after his previous phone broke during training. Great PR move, guys. Really, who is advising Sprint lately? Osama? Darth Vader? Dick Cheney? [SprintUsers.com via The Register]

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