TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So... Oh Hai!

My Friday. Sunday foir most everyone else I know...

Been a bit of an interesting week in da callcenter. I ain't doing details (not now anyway), but think about this...

Got off at midnight, made my appearance where I should have by 12:40 or so. Was home by two-thirty, but sat in lLil'Red and listened to tunes on my iPod that lives in my car. I might have vaped a bit. *heh* Home and got a shot of scotch over ice. Warmed up some chinese delivery and it is burning my lips, and it ain't about the temperature. Heh.

Scotch and spicy Chinese when I should be thinking about going to bed. *LOL* Reckon there is a message in there fior me somewhere. *grins*

Ain't nothin' really wrong. A bit out of sorts maybe. But shit, ever worked in a callcenter? Then you have a clue... "Interesting" is not near enough good as a descriptor for the week I've had.

Went looking in my flicker account for an appropriate picture, but no. Got nothin' for the peculiar way I'm feelng right now. I'm all good. Just got nuthin...
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