TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Right Then...

My anniversary with this company was yesterday. So. The Fifth of May. Gotta say with the renewal of flex-time (on my anniversary), it ain't likely I'll be heading in to do my shift today. Any............waaaaaaaaaaay. Whatever...

I went and hung out some where tonight. Or last night. Depends on yer point of view.

Well shit, it was the bar where I hang. My home away from home. For some reason, they seem to like me there. I just needed to bail out of The Cave for a bit.

It was not particularly noteworthy, and had jack shit to do with 'Drinko De Mayo' (which someone actually said to me. FFS!)  but I still want to make note of it. There were still interesting tales told, and conversations had...

When you can hold a straight face, some folks will believe whatever the Hell comes out of your mouth. Especially if there happens to be some grey in your beard or whatever is atop of yer noggin! Proved over and over. Just trust me on this. *laughs*
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