TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Never Think About It Much...

I was asked on some 'Official business' paperwork (and more to come on that, but later) what my religious affiliation(s) were.

"None" was the answer I gave. I never think about it much anymore. But that one little word seemed to be so affirming. Uplifting. Free-ing. Humbling even. After a day or two I still cannot explain that. I even smiled at the person asking. They did NOT smile back. I was okay with that too. Nor did I expect it, given the horrible situation in which I had found myself. Not to mention the way this person had treated the previous human being she had interacted with.

I am a person with moral character, capable of great empathy. I have no need to declare anything in that area for (or to) anyone. The fact is I think I am a better person than most a lot of declared 'Christians'.

I've got Zer0 fucks to give for anyone that feels the need to ask. It really is a "Nunya" type question.

As in, "NunYaFuckin'Bidness". It shouldn't even matter.
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