TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I'm Surprised

Set to reading one of my older paperback books as is my wont at night when trying to find sleep.
I’ve been working on this one for a week or so, 'The Past Through Tomorrow'  by Robert Heinlein. And I finished it a day or two ago.
It is one of my favorites even though the old Admiral's writing is getting a bit dated at this point. He had very pointed views at how the sexes should be and perform their duties. It contains versions of pulp work and early novellas from the 40’s and 50’s. But he was at one time called, The Dean of Science Fiction. And the older he got the weirder his SciFi got. At the end there, I was still reading his stuff, but somewhat puzzled as too where his headspace was at. i.e. ‘I Will Fear No Evil' (1970) was strange, 'Time Enough For Love' (1973), 'Friday' (1982) and 'To Sail Beyond the Sunset' (1987). Some of these had recurring characters (and their decedents) from 'Methuselah’s Children' (written in 1948!) and 'Stranger in a Strange Land' which came out in 1961.
But I digress…
At any rate, the book was printed in paperback in the mid 1970's. (first published in 1967). I’ve probably had this copy since the early 80's. It contains most (if not all) of his Future History stories and runs something over 850 pages. As I progressed through the pages the book just literally started coming apart. It is sitting on my dining room table in about 4 or 5 parts. It basically disintegrated in my hands.
I went looking for a Kindle edition… And ’The Past Through Tomorrow' does not appear to have a Kindle edition. Rather surprised by that.
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