TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Wholly Hell

Thought I was gonna head out for a bit tonight, but then hit the, "oh what's the use" wall.

Had court today, the news wasn't good for me. Well, it was relatively speaking. But not really. It was movement finally.

Met with the probation type officer after. Found out my drug test was negative. Yay! Me? Good thing too, wouldn't be this month.

After that made an appearance at the bail bonds ofc.

Then home.

Had a extended conversation via IM with an old friend. She was a crush when I was 15. We haven't seen each other for about 5 years now. Long years before that. She dropped off the face of the planet back home before I did. And that was in the '70's y'all.

Short part of a long story, I am meeting up with her tomorrow. She's been laid up with a serious illness and recovery hasn't gone as well as she'd have liked. She's lonely. We have a lot to catch up on.

She's got these rare violet colored eyes that I can just get lost in. Or used to be able to anyway. Our last meetup didn't go very well. I was at the end of the rope with my last wife.

This will go better I think. I'm a better person now, for one thing.

But let me tell you friends and neighbors - I am fucking terrified. *laughs*

I think she needs someone to listen. And I can do that. Might need a hug or just a soft touch. I can do that.

Then again I could be completely off base. And this is about something else entirely.

On a completely different note. Got to fooling with my Xbox and discovered the surround sound system IS working. Playing Borderlands and wondering how I ever felt proficient with a controller in my hands. Guess it has been that long. Muscle memory fades y'all. Whodathunkit??

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